The idea of PDF Dance Theatre as a mock-company first came up by Julija Kaulinytė and Emilia Kumpulainen in Barcelona in 2018. Having started off as a contemplation on absurdity, bureaucracy and commercialism in the dance industry, PDF has grown into a living, breathing, international, idealistic simulation of a dance company with a voice of its own. Since April 2024, we have been officially registered as a company in Finland. Topics of the shadow, human experience, connection, are tackled through holistic creative approaches in an environment that embraces authentic self-expression.

Despite having been completely self-funded since its inception, PDF Dance Theatre delivers powerful, high-quality, brave and cinematic work, which transcends the restrictions of specific dance genres. Therefore, allowing like-minded artists from different backgrounds to meet, create and become a part of the inner community network. 

With a strong focus on non-hierarchal work methods, equally addressing mental and physical health needs, and prioritizing inclusivity and kindness over productivity, PDF Dance Theatre invites to reimagine the professional dance world not for what it used to, but for what we, artists and spectators, want it to be.


Selene Tognoli

Johanna Kumpulainen

Kevin Peters

Emily Hawkins

Arada Böhm