Spring, Regardless

“Spring, regardless” is a dance theater piece and the first chapter of a dystopian contemplation of the future “2 Years From Now”.

Referring to the cycles of nature that are a constant, reoccurring change, which seemingly have no empathy towards our struggles or joys, the piece’s plot is situated around a ritual. A strong foreshadowing of an inevitable initiation suspends in a crossroad of decisions. 

Does to surrender equals to obey? Does to surrender mean to embrace the unknown? What is another option? Is there another option? Which is the right one?

“Spring, regardless” questions the expanse of a free will in the global context of events - happening around us, to us, which we can only observe, experience, yet hardly have any control over. By combining strong movement expression, performative acts, and stunning visuals, the piece invites to witness a tragic, and messy, beauty of rebirth(s).

First showcased on 26th of March, 2022 in Berlin, Germany

"Human, thick fog, creature, soil is talking, ritual, sacrifice, renewal." Dance theater performance reflecting on change and repetition of life.

Creative Concept:

Julija Kaulinytė 

Choreography, Performance:

Emilia Kumpulainen | Julija Kaulinytė

Sound Design:

Julija Kaulinytė | Emilia Kumpulainen