FRAGMENTS - a performance of random acts

Feeling stuck in a constant change that drives us nowhere. Being born into the world alone, yet always containing a multitude of contradictory selves. FRAGMENTS takes the audience on a captivating journey of frustration, beauty, and restlessness. By marrying dance and performative acts, the piece keeps the spectator engaged and paints an all-too-familiar picture while still offering glimmers of hope amidst senseless cycles, reminding us that even in purposeless routines there can be peace.

First showcased on 25th of April, 2023 in Berlin, Germany

Creative Concept:

Julija Kaulinytė 

Choreography, Performance:

Emilia Kumpulainen | Julija Kaulinytė | Selene Tognoli

Sound Design:

Johanna Kumpulainen | Emilia Kumpulainen